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Seven Ways to Involve Employees in Cost-Saving Measures

Your business works for every dollar it earns, and any wasted money in your company means less cash for the bottom line. Keeping a close eye on waste and overspending requires participation across your entire business. With team members in every department on the lookout for the best value and the reduction of waste, you may see a dramatic impact on spending and saving. Read More >

Acquiring new equipment: loan vs. lease

As many businesses continue to hem and haw about investing in new equipment (according to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association), your company may be able to win a competitive advantage by taking decisive action and acquiring new equipment. For many businesses, new equipment offers the potential for moving the company in a new direction, increasing efficiency or boosting production. However, deciding to invest in new equipment is only part of the equation. You also need to decide how to finance your equipment — with a lease vs. loan? Consider the following four factors when weighing your decision. Read More >

Investing for business growth: What you need to know

As California's economy continues growing, it may give you the confidence to invest in and grow your own business. Making significant investments — even if you have to borrow to do so — can allow you to scale up your business. Consider these common business investments: Read More >

A salute to California's small businesses

Whether your small business has two employees or 20, when you have a strong foundation, good ideas and the right financial path, your business contributes to the continued success of California's economy and helps your community thrive. But small businesses can't thrive on good ideas and a big vision alone. If you own a small business in California, chances are good you have a strong relationship with a business banker who partners with you to realize your dreams for your business and your financial future. Read More >

Fight fraud with the Layered Defense Approach

In business, there's no end to the variables that factor into your success and require your attention: How's the economy doing? What are competitors up to? Have customer expectations changed? One concern that may get short shrift among all the other competing demands is payments fraud. Read More >

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