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How to drive your mobile strategy

Mobile strategy

For businesses in California and across the country, mobile is becoming the most important touchpoint to win, serve and retain customers. The total amount of time consumers spend with digital media has increased 35 percent since 2013, with smartphone use having grown 78 percent during that time, and contributing to 92 percent of the total increase in time spent with digital media, according to a report from comScore. Mobile now represents almost 2 out of 3 minutes spent on digital media, while the share of time spent on a desktop has fallen.

In addition, CIOs expect digital revenues to grow from 16 percent to 37 percent in the next five years, according to the 2016 Gartner CIO Agenda Report. And while e-commerce grew 8 percent in 2015, the comScore report shows that mobile commerce soared 56 percent.

Making the most of mobile opportunities

You know your customers have become practically inseparable from their smartphones. So it only makes sense to meet them where they are already. The question is, how are you going to capitalize on the mobile channel?

Set some goals. Who are you trying to reach and how will you reach them? While you're at it, put in place the mobile web analytics tools and mobile app analytics tools you'll use to monitor performance so you can adapt your strategy as needed. Some of the stand-out performance monitoring tools include Google Analytics, and MixPanel. Learn more about mobile analytics tools in this WooRank blog post.

Optimize your site for mobile. If a prospect clicks on your mobile ad and is taken to a non-mobile-friendly website, you may have just lost a potential customer. Users expect a mobile-optimized site, not a desktop site that opens slowly and requires expanding and shifting to navigate. Also, not having a mobile-optimized website can hurt your search engine ranking.

Use the full breadth of mobile capabilities. From location-based targeting (using technology to pinpoint consumers' locations and provide location-specific advertisements on their mobile devices) to personalization, use the unique features that mobile offers to make each user's experience unique and engaging. Be sure to reward customers for engaging with you. Rewards could take the form of special offers, discounts or privileges.

Potential uses

Mobile marketers must use technology to make their customers' lives easier and shorten the distance between what customers want and what they get. See if you can use mobile to:

  • Solve a customer's problem. Example: A customer can receive a delivery alert from a courier on their phone. If they aren't home to sign for the delivery, they can specify a different time or location to receive the package, or sign online.
  • Make life easier for your customer. Example: A cruise line reduces the time it takes passengers to get onboard by having guests preregister online and then use their phones to board and check luggage.
  • Simplify mundane tasks. Example: A pizzeria allows customers to set up a "pizza profile" with their favorite order, address and credit card information. To place an order, all the customer has to do is text "easy order" or a pizza emoji to a short code.
  • Become an agent customers trust and rely on. Example: Google Now integrates multiple apps to maximize convenience. It can remind you of appointments, calculate when you need to leave your current location to get there in time and supply GPS directions plus traffic and weather reports.
  • Provide help customers didn't even know they wanted. Example: A doughnut chain offers an app that alerts customers through mobile notifications when a store within a certain radius of them has hot, fresh doughnuts available.

Pick up your phone to reach your accounts

No business is immune from the need to be mobile friendly — including California Bank & Trust. Once you're signed up for Direct Business Internet Banking, we invite you to connect with us through CBT Business Mobile Banking or CBT Treasury Mobile Banking.

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