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5 ways to deliver a better customer service experience

Your product may be loved and your staff may be talented, but if your customer service isn't held to the same standard, you could find yourself losing business. A recent survey of more than 1,000 customers found that 75 percent of them were still frustrated after speaking with a customer service representative -- even if their problem was solved. Read More >

Need a break to recharge? 6 steps to make it happen

Do you think your business can't afford to have you take a break for a vacation? Worried what will happen while you're gone? You're not alone. A Gallup poll found that 1 in 5 owners of businesses with five or fewer workers haven't taken a vacation in the past year. Read More >

How to drive your mobile strategy

For businesses in California and across the country, mobile is becoming the most important touchpoint to win, serve and retain customers. The total amount of time consumers spend with digital media has increased 35 percent since 2013, with smartphone use having grown 78 percent during that time, and contributing to 92 percent of the total increase in time spent with digital media, according to a report from comScore. Read More >

Seven Ways to Involve Employees in Cost-Saving Measures

Your business works for every dollar it earns, and any wasted money in your company means less cash for the bottom line. Keeping a close eye on waste and overspending requires participation across your entire business. With team members in every department on the lookout for the best value and the reduction of waste, you may see a dramatic impact on spending and saving. Read More >

Acquiring new equipment: loan vs. lease

As many businesses continue to hem and haw about investing in new equipment (according to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association), your company may be able to win a competitive advantage by taking decisive action and acquiring new equipment. For many businesses, new equipment offers the potential for moving the company in a new direction, increasing efficiency or boosting production. However, deciding to invest in new equipment is only part of the equation. You also need to decide how to finance your equipment — with a lease vs. loan? Consider the following four factors when weighing your decision. Read More >

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