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Trends in California commercial real estate

If your business designs, supplies or builds new commercial property in California, prepare for a distinct upturn in work volume – if it hasn’t happened already. Read More >

Is it time to beef up your cyber security?

Think your business is somehow immune to the risk of getting hacked? Think again. “Literally 97 percent of all companies are getting breached,” said Dave DeWalt, CEO of the cybersecurity firm FireEye, in a widely watched interview with the television news series “60 Minutes” that aired in late November 2014. “It’s happening. It’s just the life we live in today.” Read More >

Why dealing in foreign currency is a sound strategy

If your company conducts business internationally, whether you import or export, you may have noticed how volatile the foreign exchange markets have become recently. The dollar recently hit a 12-year high against the euro and an eight-year high against the Japanese yen.* And the Canadian and Australian dollars recently dropped to six-year lows against the U.S. dollar. Read More >

Now trending: Tech business solutions

Staying ahead in the business world has always been challenging, but it’s perhaps even more so now, with the current pace of technological innovations. Here are four trends to keep your eye on — or adopt now, before your competition does. Read More >

Make a smooth transition to EMV payment processing

You've heard all about the switch from magnetic strip cards to those that are chip-enabled, and now the Oct. 1 deadline to become Europay, MasterCard® and Visa® (EMV) compliant is looming. Read More >

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