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Tagged by: "Business"

Business Cybersecurity: Are Your Records Safe?

Cybersecurity has become a major concern for businesses today, as more and more entrust their data to the "cloud." It is not just the risk of data loss that is at issue, but also the need for businesses to protect themselves against other types of loss, such as to their finances, operations, and reputation. Thus, it is critical for a business to understand the full range of threats a cybersecurity breach poses for their organization, and to also understand what security essentials are needed to keep their online business records safe. So, what threats do cybersecurity breaches pose and how can you keep your online business records safe? Let's explore the answers. Read More >

What are the financing requirements for owner-occupied commercial real estate?

Is your business considering buying your own commercial space? You'll probably spend some time researching costs and comparing the pros and cons of owning the building your business occupies. If you're ready to move forward, your next move may be to submit a loan application for purchase of the building. Knowing what factors lenders consider when financing owner-occupied commercial real estate can help improve your chances of success. Read More >

Should you buy or lease property for your business?

As you grow your business, you face the question of whether it makes more sense to buy or lease space to operate your business. The right choice will depend on your current situation and finances combined with your plans for the future. Consider these pros and cons as you make your decision. Read More >

Smart Ways to Use Your Business Debit Card

Running a successful business requires using a variety of tools to ensure efficiency, productivity and transparency. When used strategically, a business debit card can be a powerful tool—for both employers and employees. Read More >

Lease versus buy: What's best for your business’s building?

Whether your business has been a longtime tenant of a location or you're looking to move your base of operations from home to a proper commercial space, you may be wondering whether it's time to become the owner of a commercial property. Read More >

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