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Rely on Merchant Services to Help Move Your Business Forward

Consumer credit card satisfaction is at an all-time high, according to J.D. Power and Associates. And with consumers continuing to significantly prefer paying with credit and debit cards over cash, you don’t want any facet of your payment experience to be sub-standard – and risk alienating your best customers.

As you consider various ways to boost your sales, think also about how merchant services (or the ability accept credit and debit cards for payment) can help you potentially grow your business. When you provide your customers with multiple payment types and options, and an optimal payment experience, you can potentially increase your customer base, increase sales and enhance your cash flow – all without spending on marketing or advertising your business.

Secure and Scalable

There’s a solid reason why more than 90 percent of all online purchases are made using credit cards: it’s because consumers trust in the security of credit card processing, as well as the built-in consumer protections offered by the major credit cards.

“If you’re not sure if merchant services is the right fit for your company, think about what your competitors are doing. If you don’t accept cards today, then prospective customers may be going to other businesses,” says Jan Mitrovich, manager for Treasury Management and Merchant Services at California Bank & Trust, in an interview with Smart Business magazine.

Whether your business is new or established, consider the following scalable merchant services solutions to help you reach your goals:

  • Online reporting tools – Gain a 24/7 real-time view of all sales transactions, as well as customized reporting, transaction analyses and trend monitoring. Want to analyze outstanding retrievals and chargebacks? Have tax information immediately at hand? It’s all online with a full-service merchant services provider.
  • Online gateway/virtual terminal – By allowing customers to complete secure online transactions using any major credit card or debit card, you eliminate a significant barrier to purchasing, and potentially enhance future customer loyalty. 
  • Mobile processing solutions – Using wireless credit card processing technology, you can literally meet customers where they live (and shop) and be able to accept credit and debit cards, as well as provide receipts at any remote venue – including trade shows, street fairs and more!
  • Reasonable fees – Depending on the transaction type and how it’s processed, fees can vary. Be aware of any potential “hidden fees” in transaction charges, as well as any potential discounts. Ultimately, ask: “What’s the bottom-line cost of this service?”
  • Current technology – The card industry is moving to the European standard (EMV), with chip-enabled credit and debit cards that will require processing equipment changes. Is your merchant services provider ready to assist you with this change?

Consider Provider Access and Quality

Not all merchant services providers are created equal. Is your provider able to keep pace with the current and future needs of your business? Offering an easy-to-read statement and reasonable pricing?

Particularly if you require (or believe you will require) new merchant services, tools and counsel, take a close look at your current provider, and determine if your needs are being sufficiently met.

California Bank & Trust offers an array of merchant services that can help you and your business reach its utmost potential.

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