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Use treasury management tools to help your enterprise grow

Ensuring that cash moves smoothly through an organization is one of the most important jobs of busy executives and treasury professionals. You can make that job easier by employing treasury management tools to help improve cash flow, speed collections, increase efficiencies, save on labor costs and reduce risk. The bonus? By automating processes, you’ll free up time to do what you do best—manage the health and growth of your enterprise.

Strategies and solutions

In a recent survey of financial professionals, 68 percent responded that safety was their top priority, and 28 percent cited liquidity. In another survey of treasury professionals, 80 percent said they are working to improve cash forecasting. Treasury management tools are designed to address these and other financial concerns of businesses.

Improve liquidity and cash flow forecasting

Strategy: Use a combination of payables, receivables and liquidity solutions to improve cash flow. Together they can also provide you with the information and resources you need to minimize days to collection and manage payables to your advantage. A healthier cash flow may allow your organization to take advantage of opportunities for future expansion and acquisition and strengthen your position when seeking a business loan or line of credit.

Liquidity solutions can put idle cash to work, streamline processing and provide real-time, daily, weekly and monthly reporting options so you can keep a close eye on cash flow.

Payables solutions tools reduce or eliminate manual processing and allow for efficient tracking and management of business expenses without the need to add staff.

  • Automated clearing house (ACH) and wire transfers allow you to initiate electronic transfers through the ACH network or the wire transfer service.
  • Visa® Business Check Card, lets you designate authorized employees to use the card for purchases and receive detailed reports of spending.

On the flip side, receivables solutions help streamline and speed up collections:

Merchant services provides your customers with more ways to pay while reducing your processing costs.

Remote Deposit Web lets you deposit checks conveniently from your place of business, saving on courier and transportation costs. Plus, you’ll benefit from quicker access to funds and fewer data entry errors compared with manual deposits and entry.

Lockbox services are a customizable solution to improve payment processing of checks and more quickly turn them into liquid funds.

Mitigate risk

Strategy: Prevent potential check and electronic payment fraud before it happens. The solutions below allow you to make sure all out-going payments from your business are accurate before any funds are transferred. Benefits include saving time and costs associated with pursuing fraud claims. Fraud prevention solutions include:

  • Positive Pay—checks presented to the bank for payment are matched against a list of legitimate checks you provide.
  • Reverse Positive Pay—view online images of checks and determine if any should be returned.
  • ACH Positive Pay—prevent unauthorized electronic transactions through filters you create and manage.

Learn more about combating fraud.

With treasury managers taking on more and more responsibilities due to changing regulations, compliance requirements and technology, now more than ever it is important to save time to focus on long-term goals. Taking advantage of treasury management tools is one way to streamline operations, effectively monitoring transactions and reporting. Talk to a commercial banker to learn more about how these tools may help your enterprise. 

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