Business Money Market

Ideal for businesses that want to earn a competitive, tiered interest rate on their account balances while having flexible access to their funds.

Considerations Details

Opening Balance


Monthly Transactions Volume

  • Deposit up to $15,000 in cash per month without a fee1
  • Deposit up to 50 items per month at no charge2

Can the Monthly Service Fee Be Waived?

Yes,3 by maintaining a minimum daily balance4

Monthly Paper Statement Fee

No charge, if you opt out of paper statements in favor of eStatements5

Features and Benefits


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Please refer to the Deposit Account Agreement, Account Disclosure, Deposit Rate Sheet and Business Account Schedule of Fees, or speak with a banker for more details.

1. Cash Deposit Limits – There is a charge per $100 cash deposited over your allowance. Please refer to the Service Charge Information schedule and account disclosure for additional details.

2. Excessive Savings or Money Market Transactions –Withdrawals: Federal banking regulations allow up to six (6) withdrawals by check, debit card, or pre-authorized, telephone, or computer transfer to another account or third party during a monthly statement cycle of at least four weeks. However, you may make an unlimited number of withdrawals from your account in person, by ATM, or by mail. A excessive withdrawal fee of up to $15 is assessed if you exceed your withdrawal limits during a monthly statement cycle.

3. Waived Fees – Service fee waivers will only apply to the primary account.

4. Minimum Balance/Combined Balance Requirements – In order to avoid a monthly service fee, the minimum balance or combined balance requirement must be met. The monthly service fee amount is provided as part of the disclosures upon account opening. Minimum Balance: If your daily balance drops below the minimum balance requirement, then a monthly service fee will be assessed. Combined Deposit Balance: The combined deposit balance is calculated on the day prior to the statement date for the following linked business accounts: Checking, Savings, Money Market, CD, and IRA. The primary owner of the checking account must be an owner on all linked accounts. Combined Loan Balance: The combined outstanding loan balance is calculated on the business day prior to the statement date for the following business loans: term loans, lines of credit, overdraft line of credit, credit card and SBA loans. Mortgage loans are not included. The business listed as the primary owner of the checking account must be a borrower on all linked accounts. If a customer has two or more different checking accounts, credit for combined balances will only be given to the account with the highest monthly service fee.

5. eDocuments – To avoid the Paper Statement Fee of $3, you must enroll in Online Banking, and opt your account out of receiving paper statements. You may opt to receive either electronic or paper account notices and tax documents at no additional cost. If multiple accounts are linked in a combined statement, you must have opted your primary account out of receiving paper statements.

6. Premium Rate Tier – Premium rate tiers are applied automatically to business savings and business money market accounts when the primary owner of the checking account is also an owner of the linked interest bearing account. For rate information please see the Deposit Rate Sheet.

7. Savings and Money Market Interest – Interest is calculated using the daily balance method. This method applies a daily periodic rate to  the collected balance in the account each day. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is variable and may change after the account is opened. Other fees may apply and may reduce earnings. Contact a branch for details.

8. Business Online Banking & Mobile Banking – Mobile Banking requires download of the smartphone or tablet version of CBT Business Mobile Banking from the Apple® App Store, Google Play®, or Samsung Galaxy® App Store. Message and data rates from your wireless provider may apply. Requires enrollment in Online Banking. Please see the Service Charge Information schedule for applicable fees. Subject to the terms and conditions of the Business Online Banking services agreement.  

9. Mobile Deposits – Take a picture of your check deposit and submit through your mobile phone. Limits apply: see table here. Message and data rates from your wireless provider may apply. Requires download of Mobile Banking App enrollment in Mobile Banking and a separate contract.

10. ATM Charges – An ATM charge of up to $2 applies to transactions conducted at ATMs not owned or operated by ZB, N.A. In addition, ATM operator fees may be assessed.

This information is not intended to be the entire disclosure associated with these accounts. Complete disclosure of terms and service charges are available at any CB&T branch office and will be provided at account opening. For current rates or more account information, please ask a Financial Services Representative at any branch office.