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Business Banking, Small Business Banking

Business Banking

A strong business is built on good ideas, plenty of hard work, and the right financial path. For over half a century CB&T has built lasting relationships with California businesses, thanks to our unique combination of offerings. We bring seasoned experience, customized financial tools, and a collaborative spirit to help you achieve your goals and milestones.

Checking & Savings

No two businesses are alike, so we offer plenty of options – from Business Essentials checking to our more comprehensive Business Analyzed Account. And our savings accounts help you earn the highest possible yield depending on how often you need to access your cash.

Loans & Lines of Credit

California Bank & Trust specializes in business banking and in helping businesses grow. We can provide the tools and expertise you need to get the funding that can help you reach your goals.

Treasury Management

Put our powerful treasury management tools to work in your business to streamline your operations, convert receivables into cash more quickly, manage payables, and help protect your business against fraud.

Through our online banking services, Direct Business Internet Banking, Direct Business Internet Banking Plus or Treasury Internet Banking, you'll have access to all the tools and technologies you need to enhance your cash flow and build a stronger business.

California Bank & Trust provides more than smart financial services. Our professional business bankers will consult with you to customize a set of solutions for your specific business needs – and then work with you to make sure they are always aligned to your business goals.

International Banking

An increasing global economy provides plenty of opportunities — and reasons — to take your business worldwide. And we can help.

California Bank & Trust offers a suite of international finance tools that make it easier than ever to take advantage of exciting importing and exporting opportunities. Our International Banking Group, seasoned bankers with decades of experience, can help you hedge currency risk, secure your transactions with letters of credit, and more.

Our international banking specialists will work with you to help you analyze your international trading potential and show you how to manage risk, accelerate your cash flow, improve profitability, and reduce your costs.

Learn more: consult with one of our International Banking Group specialists to discover the many ways we can help your business gain a competitive global edge.

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Wherever your business takes you, CB&T offers expertise and smart financial assistance to help your business grow and prosper. Let us show you how integrated business banking, Section 1031 exchanges, and other services can strengthen your business and meet all your goals.