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Positive Pay

Help prevent the risk of fraud with Positive Pay. You now have three options to choose from:

  • Positive Pay helps prevent check fraud. Simply send us a check file every time you issue checks; or manually enter your checks into the system. We'll match this file against checks presented for payment to identify discrepancies or suspect checks. View front and back images of these checks to make payment/return decisions online.
  • Reverse Positive Pay is an alternative to Positive Pay for companies that are unable or elect not to send check issue information to the bank. View online images of checks from the previous business day and determine if any should be returned.
  • ACH Positive Pay helps prevent unauthorized electronic transactions and manage your inventory of acceptable transactions. It offers flexibility for using your own ACH filters to accept or reject items to manage risk more accurately. Add, edit, or delete filters at any time based on your needs.

We also offer an additional level of security with Payee Match. Send us the payee information in your issue file and we will match the payee on the check with the payee you sent us. You can view check exceptions online through our Positive Pay service. Before making a pay or return decision, you can review suspect check images, both front and back.

Benefits include:

  • Lower costs. Timely return of unauthorized checks and electronic transactions saves you many times the cost of the service in potential losses and legal fees.
  • Easy-to-use. The screens and menus are intuitive and easy to navigate. You and your team can operate the system with very little training.
  • Improved control and security for your account. You have the option to pay or return stale-dated items, items that do not match your issue information, and unauthorized electronic transactions.
  • Images. View front and back images of daily exceptions.
  • Email notification. We can send notifications to one or more email addresses when daily exception items are available for review.