Outsourced Disbursement

An automated solution to consolidate your payables, including ACH payments, checks, and wires by outsourcing disbursement processing to California Bank & Trust.

This highly customized service is designed to meet your specific needs. You'll save time on transaction processing and reconciliation so you'll have more time to focus on meeting your key business goals.

Take advantage of:

  • A dedicated team: Offering excellent high-level service, CB&T serves as your accounts payable department and customizes disbursements based on your unique needs.
  • Better security: Simply upload one file with your payment instructions, through a secure file transfer protocol, in any file format, and we'll disburse payments based on your instructions. Our check printing facilities are certified to the highest Visa/MasterCard production standards.
  • Access to new and emerging technologies: Now you can benefit from services such as imaging, high-speed printing, EDI translation, and other technologies.
  • Lower fraud risk: Both Positive Pay and controlled check stock minimize the chance of fraudulent transactions.
  • Centralized information management: Consolidate your payables and receive updates as needed on process or system non-compliance issues.
  • Lower costs: We provide bulk and pre-sorting mailing services to minimize your postage expenses.

Subject to approval. Terms, conditions, fees and contract may apply. Contact a banker for details. CB&T Business checking account required.