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With a Home Equity Line of Credit from
California Bank & Trust.

Home Equity Line of Credit

2.99% Fixed Intro APR
For the first 6 months for your primary residence1
Variable APRs from 4.375% - 7.375% after Introductory APR1
(May be eligible for 0.25% Auto-Pay Discount1 and 0.25% Ongoing Discount with Relationship Pricing2)
With our Home Equity Line of Credit1,
you can:
  • Easily turn your home's equity into funds for almost anything.
  • Only pay interest on the amount you borrow. Plus, your interest may be tax deductible.1

Our special introductory rates are available for a limited time only. Get started today!

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Reach a Personal Banker at (800) 355-0507


1Offer:Subject to credit approval; terms and conditions apply. Offer not available for existing CB&T Home Equity Credit Lines or CB&T Home Equity Credit Line refinances. Advertised rates are effective , offer is subject to change any time. Minimum line amount is $10,000.00. Minimum draw amount is $300.00. Properties for sale are not eligible. Property insurance required. Consult a tax advisor regarding deductibility of interest. Contact your local branch for further loan details. Offer subject to change.

APRs:Advertised 2.99% Introductory APR is fixed for the first 6 billing cycles, after that, 4.375% – 7.375% variable APR based on credit worthiness. Advertised variable rates may include the auto-pay discount of 0.25% and the Relationship Pricing discount of 0.25%. The variable APR is subject to change without notice and is based on Prime Rate as published in The Wall Street Journal plus a margin. Maximum APR is 16%. Collateral must be primary owner-occupied single family residential property, including condos, townhomes, and duplexes located in California with a maximum 80% loan-to-value. Product terms and conditions apply.

Fees:No 3rd party closing costs for lines $500,000 or less if property is primary residence. For lines over $500,000 secured by a primary residence, and all lines secured by a secondary residence, investment property or rental property, borrower is responsible for 3rd party closing costs which may range from $250-$4,000, depending on line amount and other factors. An early closure fee of $500 will apply if line is closed within 36 months of the initial loan closing date.

Auto-Pay & Discounts:Auto-pay from a CB&T deposit account is required during the Introductory period. No additional discounts are available during the Introductory period. After the Introductory period ends; the auto-pay discount of 0.25% will apply and enrollment in the Relationship Pricing Program discount of 0.25% will apply if qualifications are met.

2Relationship Pricing:To qualify for the Relationship Pricing, customers must have a DDA or Interest Checking Account, and one other account with a balance or activity in it other than the HECL being applied for. The other account must be from a different account type/category. Auto-Pay from a CB&T deposit account is required. Product terms and conditions apply. See Banker for details.

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