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During times of change, we can learn much about successfully navigating uncertainty from others. In Your Corner magazine serves as an invaluable tool to help you read relatable stories and plan the next steps for the future.

In this issue, we feature businesses who have successfully obtained a PPP loan, uncover market trends and even dip into some aspects of California lifestyle. By drawing on relevant experiences, connecting with new resources and by taking a little extra care of ourselves—times like this present new opportunities for growth.

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Zip Mortgage

Whether you’re making the first steps to purchase the home of your dreams or refinancing an existing home loan,[cite::56::cite], [cite::251::cite] Zip Mortgage helps you apply in 10 to 15 minutes (even from your smartphone). Learn more

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Positive Pay

An easy-to-use service for businesses that helps detect fraudulent payments by giving you control over which checks and Automated Clearing House (ACH) items will post to your account. Learn more

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Digital Banking

Whether you’re at home or on the go, quickly access your finances from your phone, tablet or computer.[cite::2::cite] See our range of technologies and tools for all your digital banking needs. Learn more

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Paycheck Protection Program

603,214  jobs were preserved with the assistance of the CB&T Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Hear from clients about how CB&T gave them a positive outlook to move forward. Learn more

* as of 6/25/20

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Learn market trends and gain insight to help plan for the future.

mortgage outlook

Mortgage Outlook: Is now the time to buy or refinance?

During this economic period, the near-record-low mortgage rate environment presents an opportunity for consumers to purchase properties or lower their monthly payment. Learn more

small business back to normal

How will California businesses adapt as the “next normal” emerges?

While many businesses are operating in “TBD” mode for the remainder of 2020, business owners are encouraged to stay optimistic and be transparent with their bankers. Learn more

Client testimonials

Read how CB&T clients were able to navigate these challenging times and secure a PPP loan to help keep their employees on payroll.

Contact Photo Lab

photo lab

This fine art photography collaborative workspace is one of the last independent community darkroom facilities for traditional photographers in Los Angeles, CA.

Feeding San Diego

feeding san diego

Since the pandemic began, there has been a dramatic spike in need for food across the county and Feeding San Diego has stepped up to the challenge. 

Vintage 99

Vintage 99

For 21 years, wine label manufacturer, Vintage 99 in Livermore, CA has been perfecting the art of the wine bottle label.


Portola Coffee

Portola Coffee

Portola Coffee is known around the Costa Mesa community for its high-quality brews and their refusal to compromise on the product it serves.