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Commerical Banking

Commercial Banking

Building a successful business takes hard work - and the right relationships. For over half a century, CB&T has cultivated strong banking relationships with leading California businesses. It's a function of who we are, how we work, and what we offer.

We understand our customers' unique needs as businesses. Our industry and business segment experience allows us to offer financial guidance so you can make the best decisions. We offer custom financial options to best fit your business, and we provide direct access to decision makers to ensure that you get efficient, reliable service.

Checking & Savings

Choose from among a wide range of business deposit options – from our new Business Advantage Package to our more comprehensive Business Analyzed Account that meets even the most complex commercial banking needs.

Commercial Financing & Credit

Take advantage of our loans and lines of credit that offer flexibility, competitive terms, and the opportunity to communicate directly with lending decision makers.

California Bank & Trust is dedicated to promoting growth and opportunity statewide – offering access to one of the state's most senior teams of seasoned commercial bankers who understand both local business markets and those throughout the Pacific Rim.

Let our relationship-focused bankers help you evaluate your commercial financing needs, show you how we support middle-market businesses and recommend the right approaches for making the most of your economic opportunities.

Treasury Management

Process receivables more quickly, manage payables more efficiently, and help eliminate pockets of idle funds through treasury management options and technologies that help you streamline your business and maintain your competitive advantage.

Through California Bank & Trust's Treasury Gateway, you have secured single sign-on access to a wide range of treasury management tools that help deliver high accessibility, more convenience, and essential protection against fraud.

We're more than just commercial bankers; we're treasury management specialists – regularly consulting with our clients on better ways to manage receivables and payables, apply liquidity management tools to improve cash flow, and take advantage of the latest technologies to build a stronger business aligned to your strategic objectives.

International Banking

When it comes to establishing a global presence for your business, California Bank & Trust offers exceptional service.

Our International Banking Group, seasoned bankers with decades of experience, can work with you to show you how to manage risk, accelerate your cash flow, improve profitability, and reduce your costs – all through international financing tools.

More importantly, our international banking specialists will work directly with you and your team to provide the "high touch" service and support that can help you gain an edge in an increasingly global economy.

Learn more about hedging currency risk, securing your transactions through letters of credit, and much more. Call one of our International Banking Group specialists today to discover how to take full advantage of all your importing and exporting opportunities.

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Every customer is unique. So whether your needs call for a 1031 exchange, safety deposit box, or other banking needs, don't hesitate to call and ask. We're here to focus on your specific situation and to provide the best possible options to all of your commercial banking needs.