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Business Analyzed Account

This account is designed for businesses that have the highest level of activity, have sophisticated reporting needs, or need treasury management services.

Effectively administer higher levels of banking activity and benefit from comprehensive treasury management solutions. Maintain a larger account balance and offset part, or all, of the service fees with an earnings credit.

Considerations Details

Opening Balance


Monthly Transactions Volume

Accommodates volumes higher than 400 transactions per month. Flexibility to use many different cash management solutions on an "as needed" basis.

Can the Monthly Service Fee Be Waived?

With this account, fees will be charged for the services your business uses, and part, or all, of the charges can be offset by a monthly earnings credit.

Monthly Paper Statement Fee

No monthly paper statement fee is charged to this account.

Features and Benefits

  • This account provides the flexibility to use many different treasury management solutions on an “as needed” basis
  • An itemized list of services is provided each month along with applicable service charges
  • An earnings credit is also calculated each month, and that credit can offset part, or all, of the account service charges
  • If service charges are not fully offset, the statement will indicate what account balance is required to avoid all charges

This account also provides the flexibility to use many different cash management solutions on an "as needed" basis.


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For additional information on Account Analysis services, please refer to our Account Analysis brochure.

This information is not intended to be the entire disclosure associated with these accounts. Complete disclosure of terms and service charges are available at any CB&T branch office and will be provided at account opening. For current rates or more account information, please ask a Financial Services Representative at any branch office.