Imaged Statement

Save Time, Reduce Expenses with Electronic Images of Paid Checks and Deposited Items

With California Bank and Trust’s Image Services, you no longer need to store paid checks and copies of deposited checks. Instead, you can quickly and easily access electronic images of these items -- digitized for sharp, legible viewing. You save the time and expense associated with storage, research and making/requesting photocopies. With both CD-ROM and online access available, you choose the method most convenient for your particular needs:

  • Online: With CalBank Network℠, you have online access to images of your daily activity.
  • CD-ROM: Using image-viewing software provided by CB&T, you can retrieve images from CDs delivered per your requested frequency—daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Approximately 20,000-25,000 images can fit on a single CD.

Each of these access methods allows you to view images of:

  • Paid Checks: Paid items posted to your account, including adjustments.
  • Processed Deposits – Deposit slips, individual deposited check items, and adjustments.
  • Lockbox Remittances – Individual deposited items and remittance coupons of retail lockbox deposits.

Additional CB&T image services include:

  • Positive Pay “Exceptions” Through CalBank Network’s Positive Pay application, you can view checks that surface as possible fraudulent items, and make payment/return decisions online.
  • Image Deja View℠: Organize paid items from other financial institutions onto CD-ROM.
  • Check Return: Gives you the ability to review previous day posted items with images and return an item online.

Advantages of CB&T’s Image Services: 

Convenience of accessing images is as simple as a mouse click, with views of both front and back of checks – from a variety of angles.

Time savings by no longer searching through manual records or waiting for a photocopy from the bank. Deposit accounting errors are quickly identified with access to both adjustments and individual items.

Cost savings through the elimination of storage and staff costs associated with photocopying, storing and retrieving paper items.

Enhanced correspondence with your business partners by using the electronic images as attachments to e-mails, and even incorporating them directly into the text of written correspondence.

Check fraud protection since the risk of losing checks is eliminated by their conversion to digital form. And with CalBank Network’s Positive Pay and Check Return services, you can scrutinize and verify signatures and amounts in order to make pay/no pay decisions online -- preventing payment of fraudulent items.

Note: The Positive Pay service is used in conjunction with CB&T’s account Full Reconciliation service, requiring that you submit “issued check” files to the bank.