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Asset-Based Financing

Leverage your company’s assets to secure additional funding though asset-based financing from California Bank & Trust. Using your assets, such as accounts receivables and inventory, we can help you extend your borrowing ability so you can compete more effectively in global markets and take advantage of new growth opportunities.

With lines starting at $1 million, a customized asset-based financing program can help:

  • Leverage your working capital to your best advantage
  • Support growth through seasonal and cyclical periods
  • Fund operating expense, inventory acquisition, and other short-term borrowing needs
  • Take advantage of more flexibility, using your line of credit only as needed with full control over how you use and pay back your credit line

With asset-based financing you pay interest only on the funds you’ve drawn, at rates which are generally less expensive than a term loan. Contact us to learn how we can structure an asset-based financing program that's cost-effective and helps you gain a competitive edge.