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International Banking Group Directory

CB&T International Operations Center
550 South Hope Street, 3rd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071

ABA #: 1210-0204-2
Fax (213) 593-2144
E-mail: International Banking Group

Trade Finance Contacts:

Northern California
Royal (Buzz) Minson, First Vice President
(510) 290-6654

Greater Los Angeles, Orange and Inland Empire
John Penfield, First Vice President
(213) 593-2145

San Diego and Inland Empire
Rachel Krittman, Vice President
(619) 446-2224

Foreign Exchange & Money Market Contacts:

Foreign Exchange Trading
Eric Kuramoto, Vice President & Manager
(510) 808-3533

Money Market Trading
Margie Inaki, Vice President & Foreign Exchange Trader
(510) 808-3532

Foreign Exchange Operations Supervisor
Sylvia Romero, Vice President
(213) 593-2132

International Operations Contacts:

Operations Manager
Linda Shum, First Vice President
(213) 593-2121

Standby L/C's
Elizabeth Brito, Specialist
(213) 593-2128

Import/Collection Manager
Jean Rafols, Vice President
(213) 593-2137

Import L/C's
Carmen Villaluna
(213) 593-2124

Arturo Lopez
(213) 593-2136

Export L/C Manager
Jean Rafols, Vice President
(213) 593-2137

Export L/C's
Gloria Mulunarey
(213) 593-2126

International Administration Contacts:

Eric Ellingsen, Executive Vice President & Division Manager
(858) 793-7455

Jan Mitrovich, Senior Vice President, Treasury Management Group Manager 
(619) 446-2232

Mindy Han, Assistant Vice President, International Financial Analyst
(213) 593-2122