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Cash Concentration

Maximize liquidity by concentrating all your cash into one single easily monitored account at California Bank & Trust. You'll enjoy more effective treasury management, improve your cash flow, and make best use of your available funds.

Cash Concentration offers a quick, easy way to move funds from all of your accounts and lockboxes – even those at other financial institutions – into one easily managed account at CB&T, which you can manage through CalBank Network℠, CB&T's commercial online banking service.

Daily transfers to your concentration account are reported by your corporate office, company locations, or local banks in a variety of ways – by direct transmission, origination, and CalBank Network.


  • Take advantage of more reliable cash flow as deposits from other institutions move directly into your company's concentration account at CB&T.
  • Reduce or eliminate the mail float associated with check payments.
  • Improve control of local balances by setting pre-determined balance levels (including zero balances).
  • Eliminate pockets of idle funds so your deposits work harder.
  • Save money by using next-day ACH transactions instead of more expensive same-day wire transfers.
  • Gain more flexibility with consolidated balances readily available for investment, debt reduction, and other daily disbursement needs.
  • Stay up to date with reports on daily concentration amounts through the CalBank Network Same Day Balance Reporting feature.