Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Automated Clearing House (ACH) origination through CB&T allows you to initiate electronic transactions through the ACH Network. This includes disbursing funds to your own accounts, to your vendors, or to your employees' accounts for payroll and expense reimbursement.

By using ACH, you:

  • Eliminate the administrative costs of ongoing check preparation, mailing, and reconciliation.
  • Save money – ACH transactions are less costly than paper items.
  • Eliminate check stop payment charges and re-issue costs on lost or stolen checks.
  • Help avoid interest and late charges on payments.
  • Save time for employees by eliminating the need to deposit checks.
  • Help manage your accounts through controlled timing of disbursements, you always know when your account will be debited.
  • Can collect recurring receivables, such as loan payments, homeowner association fees, insurance premiums, and tuition fees through pre-authorized withdrawals from your customers’ accounts.