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Visa® Business Check Card

No other payment solution offers such a high level of control over managing expenses.

With a Visa® Business Check Card, your employees needn’t worry about getting reimbursement checks. You get a detailed record of all expenses, and with no need to keep extra cash on hand, your business can be more secure from loss or theft.


  • Easy record keeping: Your authorized employees simply use their Visa card at the time of purchase, with the amount deducted right from your business checking account. There’s no need for employees to file reimbursement requests so you eliminate paperwork and get a complete record of every transaction.
  • Worldwide Acceptance: Pay for business purchases everywhere the Visa Business Check Card is accepted, such as out-of-town merchants, restaurants, hotels, car rentals, gas stations, and online.
  • No annual fee or interest charges: Save on check printing fees and minimize purchases made on credit to reduce interest charges.
  • Business recognition: Your California Bank & Trust Visa Business Check Card gives your business the credibility and recognition it has earned – with each card is embossed with both your company and the cardholder’s name.