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Retail/Wholesale LockBox

Let CB&T help you speed payment collections, turn receivables into usable funds more quickly, and eliminate the expense of processing remittances.

With a retail or wholesale lockbox, you can:

  • Improve cash flow through automated payment processing that provides more rapid access to deposits.
  • Enhance funds availability by quickly converting payments into productive cash and increasing working capital.
  • Process transactions more accurately through scanning software that offers double verification of payments and automatically generates deposit slips.
  • Save time by eliminating the need for manual procedures such as opening mail, processing payments, and preparing deposits.
  • Save money by reducing or eliminating transportation and courier fees.
  • Access accurate reports of deposit amounts, funds availability, and payment information — including electronic images of processed payments and coupons.
  • Get complete control over defining and modifying reporting parameters, including coupon formats, data file formats, data delivery options, exception processing, and status reporting.