Business Knowledge

Our goal at CB&T is to help minority and women-owned businesses make informed decisions and to overcome challenges in getting access to financing. That’s why we provide access to trained and experienced business bankers who understand the financial needs of businesses. California Bank & Trust also provides local decision-making, within your community. With this local expertise, and the resources you’ll find here online, you can trust us to guide you as you embark on starting or expanding your business.

The following articles contain guidance from CB&T bankers to help you grow your business. They are grouped into three categories:

Access to Capital and Cash Flow

The Business Plan: An Inside Look at a Lenders Perspective — An article that outlines how to develop a business plan to increase chances of obtaining a business loan.

Getting Ready for a Rainy Day: Understanding the Best Credit for Your Business — Understanding different borrowing options and planning out the credit needs of your business. 

Work Your Assets — A helpful article on how to meet working capital needs in a tight credit market with an asset-based loan.

How to Access Working Capital for Exports and Become a Global Player
— The benefits of leveraging guaranteed export financing.

Growth Opportunity: How to Expand Your Business Through an SBA Loan — An article that discusses growth opportunities for small to mid-sized business through an SBA loan.

Keep Cash Flowing: How to Manage Your Company’s Cash Flow Through Online and Mobile Banking — An in-depth look at the ease and advantages of managing cash flow through mobile and online banking.

After Obtaining Credit that Fits Your Needs, Make Sure You Keep it Fit — Tips for keeping a good credit in order to maintain access to the credit you already have and obtain a new business loan or credit from your vendors.

Growing Your Business

Growing your Business by Working Smarter, Not Harder. — Developing a customer profile is a simple way to better understand current customers, acquire new ones and build on those relationships to grow sales and boost your business.

Growing Your Business Through a Smart Marketing Program 5 steps to help you define the best marketing program to target your ideal customer.

Make Your Website Work for You — Ensure that your website attracts and engages visitors, but also enhances it and reflects your goals.

Deliver a Customer Experience That Creates Happy Customers — Tips to ensure that every employee and customer experience is a positive one.

Creating and Measuring Customer Experience — Tips for creating and measuring customer loyalty.

Customer is King: How to Attract New Customers and Boost the Bottom Line Through Merchant Services — An article that discusses the opportunity to cost-effectively attract new customers through merchant services.

A Good Relationship with your Banker is Good Business — The right banking relationship can not only make your life easier, it can also help you effectively manage and grow your business. 

Know What Type of Business Insurance Is Right for Your Company — Protect what you have worked to build by selecting adequate insurance and proper coverage levels.

Social Media and Public Relations

Social Media – 7 Ways to Increase Your Reach — Seven practices to help ensure a successful social media campaign.

Social Media ... How to Manage Your Sites Efficiently — Three practices to consider when managing multiple social networks for your business.

Using Public Relations to Increase Your Business – Six Tips for Success — Six steps to consider when building a public relations campaign for your business.

Public Relations – Partnering with the Media — 5 basic steps to remember when contacting journalists.