Social Media … How to Manage Your Sites Efficiently

By Betty Uribe, Ed.D.

July/August 2013

This week I attended a board meeting where executives of different companies gathered to discuss the best way to promote our non-profit using social media. As we discussed Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+ and Pinterest, many board members felt a bit overwhelmed so we decided to hire a mentor for social media who can help the board navigate through blogs, tweets, Facebook check-in & likes, etc.

It seems as though a new social media network is introduced seemingly every month. With so many sites, how can anyone keep up with them all and manage to be effective?

Here are three practices to consider when managing multiple social networks for your business:

  1. Time management: Every marketing campaign takes time to implement, but social media requires a different kind of attention. It is important to be virtually “present” and aware of the conversations taking place on your social media channels so you can respond in real time. To streamline the process, save bookmarks for your social media sites on your browser, stay logged in to your accounts and remain focused while scanning content. You’ll be surprised how easily you can maintain half a dozen channels in less than an hour.
  2. Consider a social media assistant: If you are a company of one or one hundred, resources are at a premium and time is money. Although it is good practice to be involved in your company’s social conversation, it can also be worthwhile to invest in a social media assistant. An assistant can help bring important issues to your attention and forward messages that require your response. Establish rules and guidelines with community managers and ensure they are adhered to.
  3. Synchronize and collaborate: If there are multiple people managing your posts, tweets and multimedia content, it is crucial to establish internal processes for when, where and how to post. Questions to consider:
    • What brand personality do you aim to project?
    • What types of posts are acceptable on your company’s page?

Establish a company “voice” and agree on appropriate content in advance.

There are plenty of tools available to help you manage all aspects of your social marketing and communications efforts. Assemble a kit with the right tools for your company’s needs.

Tools for Managing Multiple Accounts

Hootsuite – a free dashboard application for managing accounts including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, FourSquare and Wordpress.

TweetDeck – a free dashboard application for managing your Twitter and Facebook accounts with customizable columns and filters. TweetDeck also schedules Tweets and can send alerts for new tweets.

Trend Tracking Tools

TweetChat – a free tool that allows you to follow a Twitter conversation through hashtags (#).

Twilert – a free web application that sends email updates for specific brands, products or any other keyword mentions you want to follow on Twitter.

Social Measurement Platforms

Social Mention – a search and analysis platform that aggregates content from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google + and other channels then sends email alerts for your keywords. Social Mention also provides analysis, such as strength of mentions, sentiment, audience reach and metrics for unique authors and retweets.

Trackur – a monitoring tool for tracking what people are saying about your company or brand online. Trackur also analyzes the influence and sentiment of mentions.

Betty Uribe, Ed.D., is an Executive Vice President of California Bank & Trust, which has launched a financing initiative aimed at minority and women-owned businesses in California called TEAM (Tools, Education, Access and Mentoring). For more information, please visit You can also follow CB&T on Twitter: @calbanktrust or ‘like’ them on Facebook: