Success Stories

We've helped small businesses succeed here in California for nearly 60 years – in part through building strong business banking relationships.

Here are some notable success stories from some of our clients, which will inspire you as you plan the future of your own company.

Thanh Nguyen, Signature Label [Video]

Thanh Nguyen explains how an SBA loan from CB&T allowed him to expand his business by purchasing new equipment and hiring additional employees. As he points out, he’s looking for his business to grow 30% this year and add to his payroll, which will help his local community.

Bob and Dona Norton, Support Systems Homes, Inc. [Video]

Bob and Dona explain how they were able to expand the programs offered at Support Systems Homes, Inc., and hire more employees thanks to an SBA loan from CB&T – noting that their bankers are outstanding, easy to work with, and understand their needs.

Mimi Bermudez, The Bread Factory Artisans, Inc.

See how Mimi is continuing her family’s legacy of artisan baking with the help of her CB&T bankers. She credits a close working relationship with the bank as a source for valuable advice and access to a network of other professionals that can help her grow her business.

Cristina Cabello, My Baby World

Read how Cristina emigrated from Chile in 1978 without speaking a word of English – but now owns three retail stores in the Bay Area. As she notes, it was critical to her success to find the right local bankers that provide valuable advice and services – not just products.

Armida Campos, Pomona Quality Foam

Discover how Armida describes the importance of a good relationship with a banker – one that goes beyond the numbers to become a comfortable, solid business relationship. As she says, “You want a bank that knows you and makes things easier for you and your business.”

Sam Flores, PKL Services, Inc.

Learn how Lt. Col. Flores, Jr. served in the US Marine Corps for 30 years, then started his own business with help from his CB&T banker. As Samuel points out, the Marine Corps taught him about trust, confidence, and integrity – qualities he finds in his business banking relationship.