Mimi Bermudez

Mimi Bermudez: Team Success Stories

The Bread Factory Artisans, Inc.

As a family tradition stemming from her great grandfather in Michoacán, Mexico, and later brought to the U.S. in the 1940's by her father, Mimi Bermudez continues her family's legacy with The Bread Factory Artisans, Inc.

"When my father, Eliseo Gutierrez, immigrated to the United States he brought his grandfather's baking recipes with him and established a small, but successful local bakery in Wilmington, CA," says Mimi. "Upon his retirement, he passed the business to me, and I expanded the retail business to well known supermarket chains such as Kroger® and Smart & Final®."

When Mimi decided to expand her family's local bakery into the retail and wholesale business, she learned the importance of connecting with other professionals and establishing a good relationship with her bank.

"Obviously, you can't do everything on your own but of course, I learned that the hard way," she said.

Mimi credits the close working relationship with her bank as a source for valuable business advice and access to a network of other professionals.

Having been through it all, there is one key thing she would recommend to someone who is looking to expand their company.

"Prepare and complete a comprehensive business plan with reasonable goals to present to your bank or financial institution," she says. "This is key for entrepreneurs looking for a business loan."

She also credits the value of developing good relationships with quality resources as the deciding factor for any successful business. Mimi utilized those resources and took her family business to the next level.

Mimi Bermudez was lucky to have a mentor as she took over the business, her father, whom she describes as a natural businessman. Not only was his enthusiasm for business and hard work inspiring to Mimi, but he did it all with a limited education. She says he is and always will be a driving factor for her.