Premium Preferred Package


Ideal for

Customers who need multiple accounts, maintain higher account balances, and want to earn a competitive, tiered interest rate on those balances.


Premium Preferred Checking will serve as the primary checking account.Select one of the following options as a secondary account:

  • Beyond Basics Savings
  • Money Maximizer
  • Money Maximizer Plus

Add optional Consumer Certificate of Deposit(s) (CD) or Individual Retirement Account(s) (IRA).1

The package also requires you to maintain two or more of the following:

  • DirectNET℠ Consumer Online Banking2
  • Visa® Check Card
  • Money Reserve Account for Overdraft Protection
  • AmaZing Cash® Visa® Credit Card or AmaZing Rewards® Visa Credit Card
  • CB&T Home Mortgage
  • CB&T Home Equity Credit Line or CB&T Home Equity Loan


  • Avoid a Monthly Maintenance fee on the primary account by maintaining required balances.
  • Optional CD and IRA balances are included in the combined average balance, making it easier to maintain required balances. 
  • No Monthly Maintenance fees on the required secondary account. 
  • 1 Overdraft Deposit Transfer fee reimbursed per statement period on your primary account. 
  • 1 Stop Payment fee reimbursed per statement period on your primary account. 
  • 2 Non-CB&T ATM Transaction fees waived per statement period on the primary account. (The CB&T fee and ATM providers’ fee will be waived). 
  • 1 Corporate Image check order free of printing, shipping and handling cost per calendar year or 50% off the printing cost of any other personal style of checks per calendar year on the primary account.3 (Shipping and handling fees may still apply to the order of personal style checks). 
  • 2 Notary Service fees refunded to your primary account per calendar year. 
  • 4 Cashier’s Check or Money Order fees refunded per calendar year on your primary account. 
  • Travelers Cheque fees refunded to your primary account (one or two-signer checks). 

Monthly Maintenance Fee

No charge if $75,000 combined average balance is maintained in package accounts (primary, secondary, and optional accounts); $30 otherwise. 

Monthly Paper Statement Fee

No charge if you opt out of paper statements in favor of eStatements for your primary and secondary accounts or maintain the required balances for those individual accounts; otherwise $2 for each account that is not enrolled in eStatements or does not meet that account’s balance requirements.


Apply in person at one of our locations.

1. The primary owner of the Select Benefits Plus Checking account must be an owner of the optional CD or IRA in order to be added to the package.
2. DirectNET Consumer Online Banking services must be actively maintained by logging in a least once every 6 months.
3. Offer does not include Home Office Desk Products, supply items, non-standard lettering, messages, monograms, or symbols.
For additional applicable disclosures, please refer to the Personal Checking and Savings Options brochure.